Tips From Our Caregiving Pros!

  • Start with a candid conversation. Talk to your parents/loved one about their
    needs. Unless they are severely incapacitated, they should continue to make
    their own decisions and remain a central part of all discussions about their care.
    Encourage them to discuss their concerns.
  • Set your priorities. Make a list of what needs to get done and how you plan
    to do it. An organized approach puts you in control, reduces stress and ensures
    that your parents get the assistance they need.
  • Build a support network. In most families, one person assumes the role of
    primary caregiver. Consider other family members, as well as private caregivers.
    Not asking for help can cause caregiver stress and burnout.
  • Delegate. Ask a friend to pick up groceries or a neighbor to keep an eye out
    and to call you if anything seems wrong. Having someone check-in or spend
    time with your parents/loved one helps keep them safe, socialized, and healthy.
  • Offer alternatives. A With family members, don’t accept excuses for not
    helping without offering alternatives. A sibling who lives far away, for example,
    can help with paying bills, contacting doctors’ offices or seeking support from
    local agencies. Siblings who have young children can cook meals or bring kids
    along for visits and outings
  • Hold family meetings. Schedule them regularly, and bring in distant family by
    phone. Focus the discussion on how to care for your parents/loved one. If
    meetings tend to be contentious, consider hiring a geriatric care navigator to run
    the meeting.
  • The sandwich generation. When you have parents and children who need
    your time and attention, you may feel pulled from both sides. Be honest with your
    children about the situation, and listen to their concerns. Consider enlisting
    outside help such as babysitters and/or elder caregivers in order to allow you to
    enjoy quality time with both rather than be stressed from caregiving.


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