How To Save Money!

There are some unreimbursed medical costs that you can deduct — if the medical expenses of everyone claimed on your taxes totals more than 10 percent of your adjusted gross income. You will need to itemize. You will want to check the IRS’s Publication 502 to see what is and isn’t deductible. Some acceptable deductions:

• Copays and deductibles

• Accepted therapies not covered by insurance

• Glasses

• Ambulance rides

• Acupuncture

• Physical therapy

• Memory care

• Bandages

• Hearing aids

• Transportation to appointments or services

• Adult day care or in-home health care worker, if you are working

• Activities for older people with special needs

• Home and vehicle modifications needed for safety or mobility

• Cost of professional health aide during respite care

• Hotel near treatment center

* Items and services that benefit the household are not deductible.


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